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About Us

What's Behind the Sweets

In January of 2021, my family and I had a hankering for some chocolate-dipped bacon, a staple at the upcoming local fair. But the fair was still a month away. So, we thought about the odd, yet mouth-watering treat, I pondered about what other savory items could be paired with chocolate. And just like that, Chocolate Covered was born. But wait! There's more...


I've always worked in the non-profit industry. I was not accustomed to working for the sole purpose of making money. I was used to there being a "Why?" behind everything I did. So I went to God to get confirmation from Him that this was the right direction for me and my family. Shortly after, I heard a message about superheroes. The minister explained that people rarely stop to think about the purpose behind superpowers. We often just think about how cool it would be to fly or to have super-human strength or hearing (my choice has always been to have the power of invisibility). The minister went on to say, the purpose - the reason behind Superman's powers is solely to save lives. As she continued, she asked us, "What do you want to be a superhero for?". Well, during this time, the world was in the midst of a horrible pandemic, and as I thought about that question, all I could hear was the word Joy. I wanted to be a superhero for joy.

So, here we are.  Serving a little bit of chocolate and the spirit of joy, one moment at a time.

How can we bring you joy?

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