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charcuteries are customizable, curated especially for you

Charcuteries and more...

From standard, brunch, vegan, dessert, or even barkuteries for dogs

To discuss further, email:


Petite/Lunch Box (serves 1 person): $15

Small Charcuterie (serves 5-7 people): $95

Medium Charcuterie (serves 10-12 people): $155

Large Charcuterie (serves 15-20 people): $215

Grazing Table (serves 25 or more people): $18/person (

$22/person (enhanced hors d'oeuvres)

Charcuterie Cups (minimum order of 5) $12/cup

Specialty Items (Bark-uteries, Char-Kid-eries, Brunch, Vegan, etc.)

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Other Charcuterie Experiences

Grazing Table

Standard: $18/person

Cheese & Crackers: $12/person

Dessert: $8/person

20230201_164232 (1).jpg

Dessert Board

Includes an assortment of chocolate covered bacon, brownies, chocolate covered bananas, chocolate covered  potato chips, cookies, rice treats, nuts, fruit, cheese, or other sweet items.

dessert best.jpg

Brunch Board

Includes an assortment of brunch items, such as biscuits, bacon/sausage, boiled egg/quiche, donuts, fruit, fruit dip, and banana/blueberry bread loaf.

IMG_20221202_192849_227 (3).jpg

Vegan/Vegetarian Box

*additional fees apply


Petite/Lunch Box

6x6 snack box, perfect for 1!


Bark-uterie Board

Includes a tray of dog friendly food items, such as: carrots, eggs, peanut butter, rice, apples, strawberries, cucumbers, and dog food.


Seasonal Board

Customizable for any season or occasion


Charcuterie Cups

Perfect hand-held (social distancing) option for large or small groups

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